Hello there! I am Soumya, basically a Palakkad Iyer and I love cooking and finding new recipes among many other things. I used to have a personal blog (still continue to post there occasionally) and I used to include recipes in there as well. So, having a recipe blog has been on my mind for a long time.

My mom, Sarada (or Shanti to some) is a great cook herself, and has been posting quite a few recipes on facebook and has a fan following of her own, asking her to start a blog. And well, most of the things I make are my mom’s recipes, anyway!

So I thought, why not start a recipe blog with my mom?! And hence, “Cooking with Mom and Me” began! It would have traditional Palakkad Iyer recipes as well as other recipes to cater to most people’s appetite. And please note, the recipes are lacto-ovo-vegetarian in nature.

We also accept recipe requests, so if you would like us to post a recipe, please do post a comment on the “Recipe Request” page and I shall add them to the list, and once the recipe is posted, I shall link to it. If you can add your email address to your request, I can also notify you once your request is posted.

I am sure everyone has a great cook in them, so we would be more than willing to hear your recipes and tips as well. So please do send in your recipes as well, and I shall be more than glad to post it on the site, along with your name. Or if you would like to add some tips to a recipe already posted, please do mention them in the comments.

Also, please let us know how we’re doing! And we would love to hear what you like about us and what we can improve on! You can email us at cookingwithmomandme@gmail.com .

Keep cooking,



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